LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — There was a time last season when Fred Smoot wasn’t very high on defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

The former Redskin refused to call the coordinator anything other than “Jim” as Washington’s defense allowed opponents to rack up gobs of yardage and make the “big play” a matter of routine. And yes, we’re talking about last season.

He thought Haslett was on his way out of town until the team rallied in improbable fashion to capture their first division crown in more than a decade.

Flash forward a year and Smoot now thinks the same about the Haslett’s boss Mike Shanahan. During an in-studio appearance with Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan Monday afternoon, Smoot said he believes Shanahan, whom he referred to as the “Red Lobster,” is on his way out of Washington.

Kushner questioned whether, regardless of the outcome of the remainder of the season, the Redskins should move on from Shanahan, who still has one year remaining on his contract.

“Yes it is,” Smoot replied. “If you’re going to make a coaching change for the future, it’s time to make it now. Robert Griffin III has been a Redskin now for one and a half years. If you’re gonna change his coach and you want a coach to grow with him like the (Tom) Bradys and (Bill) Belichicks and all the great pairs of quarterbacks and coaches, you have to do it now. And right now, I think the Red Lobster’s working his way out of here. I think Shanahan is working his way out of here.”

Smoot doesn’t see making a change now as giving up on Shanahan too early.

“The guy’s been here. This is his fourth year. This roster is not set up to win a Super Bowl,” he said.

Smoot clarified he feels no moves should be made until the season is complete, but once the final second ticks off the clock Daniel Snyder should begin swinging for the fences.

“I want to get that new coach in here, a la Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher,” he said.

Gruden has repeatedly turned down opportunities to return to coaching and is happy in his current role in the Monday Night Football broadcast booth.

Cowher, meanwhile, would reportedly entertain the idea of returning to the sidelines, but only under the right circumstances.

Listen to Smoot’s comments in full below.


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