by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – James Brown, host of “NFL Today on CBS” and fifty percent of the billing for Thursday’s 11th Annual Michael Wilbon and James Brown Celebrity Roast & Golf Classic, thinks RGIII needs to “tone it down a bit” and the Redskins should hold him back from continuing to be overexposed, because players around the league are starting to take notice.

Brown, a D.C. native, undoubtedly knew what he was getting himself into by addressing Griffin, and was both reserved in his judgment and also willing to offer criticism, in a joint-interview he and Wilbon did with the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Friday.

“Speaking for my guys collectively [Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, Bill Cowher and Shannon Sharpe], the one big concern they they have, and look, we understand that RGIII is a prodigious talent,” Brown prefaced to the Junkies. “We understand that what he shows has got this town, I mean geeked beyond belief. However, tone it down just a bit because everything is so RGIII-focused, and it’s more than just him.”

Brown, known for being deliberate with his words, proceeded with caution as he went on about Griffin.

“Personally – and I like the guy, I like his family – I just wish he’d be a bit more …” Brown searched for the right words. “That the organization may hold him back just a little bit.”

“It’s too late, JB,” Wilbon prodded. “It’s too late now.”

“Because there are so many players around the league right now, who ain’t very happy about all that,” Brown said.

Earlier in the interview, Brown made some comments that could serve to retroactively disarm Redskins fans, by warning not to put too much stock in Griffin’s shaky first-half performances in weeks one and two of the 2013 NFL season.

“Everybody’s got an opinion, but from afar, I don’t know that it’s as much him because this is effectively his preseason,” Brown said of Griffin. “The bit of hope that I had was that he went from a first half that was exceedingly poor against the Philadelphia Eagles to much better in the second half. If the trajectory continues, then it’ll be fine, but this is the worst time to be doing it because it’s in-season. Every game is so important.”

Wilbon also said the Redskins’ problems are worse than just RGIII, that the organization is experience system-wide problems.


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