WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – A subreddit dedicated to identifying the gunman in the Washington Navy Yard shooting was banned by the site shortly after it was created  Monday.

The subreddit “Find Navy Yard Shooters” was created by Reddit user uglyredditors.

“We can do it, Reddit,” ugglyredditors wrote in the description of a thread titled “Welcome to Find Navy Yard Shooters. “Let’s look for clues about who the perps are, and post them. Any thing goes but there’s one rule: NO PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT LEADS UNLESS YOU’RE REALLY SURE.”

According to Mashable, the thread’s encouragement to post personal information was the reason for the ban.

“We don’t allow the post of personal information under any circumstances,” Reddit spokeswoman Victoria Taylor explained in an email to Mashable.

During the Boston Marathon bombings in April, Reddit came under heavy fire over its role in igniting a man hunt for suspects in the bombing and spreading misinformation.

The site which is a popular online community issued an official apology after the Boston incident.

“We all need to look at what happened and make sure that in the future we do everything we can to help and not hinder crisis situations,” Erik Martin, Reddit’s general manager, wrote.

In an emailed reply to Mashable, the creator of the banned page claimed to create it “as a reaction to and a parody of the FindBostonBombers subreddit”.

“I’m glad Reddit and redditors seem to have learned a lesson,” uglyredditors stated in the email to Mashable.