by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Amy Trask, former CEO of the Oakland Raiders, and now a part of “That Other Pregame Show” – CBS Sports’ four-hour pregame marathon featuring Brandon Tierney, Bart Scott, and host Adam Schein – took a moment of the spotlight last Sunday to address the ongoing debate over the Redskins team name.

“Washington has an opportunity to do something very powerful and very important by changing the team name and logo,” Trask opened her monologue. “It’s wrong to use a disparaging slur when referencing any person or any group of people, and the word Redskins has been widely used throughout our history as a derogatory, disparaging slur.”

“Try this,” she implored. “Substitute for the word Redskins any other derogatory slur and think of that as the team name.”

“Changing the team name and logo really can inspire people and encourage people to treat everyone respectfully,” Trask continued. “I do hope the team takes this opportunity to do something very, very special, because it’s just not okay, in my view, to refer to people or any person, by use of a derogatory slur.”

“I agree with every word you said,” Schein said in support.

Activists of the Redskins’ name gathered in protest outside of Lambeau Field, prior to Washington’s 20-38 loss to the Packers, but with rain pelting down on them, their message garnered a faint reception at best.


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