WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – An extensive survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C. found that a vast majority of Muslims in communities from the Middle East and Africa are concerned about Islamic extremism in their respective countries of residence.

But while many majorities in different countries voice strong opposition to violence carried out in the name of Islam, a reported 62 percent of Palestinian Muslims told Pew that they feel suicide bombings are often – or at least sometimes – justifiable.

“[S]ubstantial percentages in some countries do think suicide bombing is often or sometimes justified – including a 62 percent-majority of Palestinian Muslims,” a release on the survey’s findings noted. “[However,] overall support for violence in the name of Islam has declined among Muslim publics during the past decade.”

The poll additionally uncovered growing unease in Muslims regarding Islamic extremism, and found that an estimated 67 percent of all surveyed told Pew that they were “concerned” on the matter, a reported increase from last year in five of the 11 participating countries.

“Widespread Muslim concern about Islamic extremism is generally coupled with rejection of suicide bombing and other forms of violence in the name of Islam,” the release additionally noted. “However, in some countries, substantial minorities of Muslims say attacks on civilians are at least sometimes justified to defend Islam from its enemies; in the Palestinian territories, a majority of Muslims hold this view.”

Extremist groups such as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah were largely viewed in unfavorable lights among those surveyed. For example, as much as 57 percent of those asked were not supportive of Al Qaeda.

The findings came from polling participants for the 2013 Spring Pew Global Attitudes Survey. Adults ages 18 and over came from several nations, including Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Palestinian territories.


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