by Chris 'Blue Shorts' Lingebach

NUBBS LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) – The summer is nearly over, which means we’re all forced to think about how miserable our lives really are, and covet what others have.

One person making the most of his opportunities is former Junkies producer Bret Oliverio, who took over Sup Dogs sometime last spring.

It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in with meaty thighs down at ECU.

Let’s examine these two photos taken at Sup Dogs, and see if he’s upholding his own keys to the perfect pic.

First, longtime friend of the show, comedian Rich Vos stopped into Sups last week. Big Time.

Notice how the chin is slightly raised. The person responsible for taking the picture kept the appropriate distance, capturing their upper bodies, while still upholding the ‘waist up’ policy. If anything, Bret botched it a little bit by grinning too wide.

From maniacal scouring of comments on Bret’s Facebook and Twitter, I was able to determine similar questions kept popping up on his feed.

Things like ‘How did Rich find out about Sup Dogs?,’ ‘Did you hear he was in town and reach out?’ and ‘Did he know you had a restaurant in town?’

Let’s get to the bottom of it.

I reached out to Bret for comment via text.

“His daughter goes to ECU,” Bretski told me.

It had to be surreal to see the guy standing there in his restaurant, a guy he’d booked on The Junkies on countless occasions.

“Both of my worlds collided as a regular Junkies guest walked in the restaurant door,” Breast Milk said. “He mentioned how much he loves being on the Junkies. And I also think he also loved his two Veggie Dogs and cheese fries!

Get that plug in Bret!

So let’s put this to bed. Did Lich Vos get cised to see his boy?

“He definitely recognized me,” Squeezy responded. “Was cised.”

Must have been the power of the show.

Cakes also recently made the trip down to “come see what’s up.” The internet is being stupid though, so you’ll have to view it here.

First thought: Waist up! Waist up! Second: Bret returned to Affleck form here. Nice slightly more than half-smile, chin at acceptable level to keep the face stoic-looking, and giving off an all-around youthful look. And Cakes, well, he’s just a bit of a donk.

Now Bret, who’s been swimming in a sea of hot college ass for over a year now, has always been a man to keep up with social trends. He worked it into the fabric of the Junks, and while they’ve made a strong effort at keeping up, the presence of pop culture hasn’t been quite as evident since his departure from the show.

So just for gigs, what does he think of social media’s latest trend, Hot Dogs or Legs?

“Any time an all beef hot dog can get some good PR, I’m all for it,” he answered.


“A great looking hot dog can even smell better than a smooth pair of legs,” Breto added. I’m not making that up.

You can follow Bret and Sup Dogs on Twitter. And for God’s sakes, stop in if you’re passing through.