by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Television/radio host Jim Rome served up some harsh ‘takes’ on RGIII and his knee injury on Friday, particularly picking apart the “Operation Patience” tweet Griffin sent Thursday after the Redskins beat the Bucs, in which he announced Dr. James Andrews had cleared him to play in the season-opener.

Rome’s comments came during a nationally syndicated “CBS Sports Minute,” which run on The Fan’s airwaves throughout the day, featuring a rotating cast of national CBS hosts ‘giving their takes’ on current sports topics from around the country.

If you’re the type of Redskins fan who prefers to avoid negative news about Griffin or the team, ex-out now, and throw your phone/computer off the nearest skyscraper.

“Are you sick of hearing about RGIII’s knee yet?” Rome led off. “Well I’ll tell you who’s not: RGIII.”

“He tweeted that he has been cleared to play in the opener,” Rome continued. “Quote: ‘Operation Patience complete. Cleared. To God be the glory.’ And he included a nice Photoshop that he probably had locked and loaded from the very second he rolled off the operating table.

“Look, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that Bob Griffin really likes the attention and the hero-worship that he gets from coming back from that injury. You know, a commercial campaign, dozens of unnecessary press conferences and a celebratory chest-pounding tweet.

“And suddenly all that speculation that he really was all about himself and not the team while in college, doesn’t seem all that whack, because while nearly every other guy in the NFL refuses to talk about their injuries, this guy won’t shut up about his.”

Rome always brings it strong.

Listen below.


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