by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Usually the first day of Training Camp is a joyous occasion, as football fans can officially begin the countdown to Week 1 of the NFL season.

For Redskins fans this year, this should be particularly true, as the team kicked off its first day from the brand new Training Camp facility in Richmond.

In fact, for many Burgundy and Gold faithful – thousands even – it was.

Proof: Photos of Happy Redskins Fans in Richmond

But for one, the day ended in complete, horrific misery, as demonstrated by her shrill, tearful voice in a video published to YouTube Thursday afternoon.

“I just spent all day at the Redskins Training Camp for nothing,” she wailed, from inside an automotive device of some kind. “I’ve been there since 6:30 this morning, it’s like 12 o’clock. And all I wanted was an autograph. I couldn’t’ even get that. No players even came to where I was standing.”

This video, while loud, and somewhat depressing, is also wildly annoying, meaning it will no doubt have gone viral 24 hours from now.

There’s no evidence to prove the validity of the video, like if the woman is really a Redskins fan, and really has been one her whole life.

She is, however – or at least by the looks of it – most certainly, so disappointed in the Redskins right now.

Please help us if this grown woman gets free tickets out of this.

[H/T @recordsANDradio]


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