by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Junkies’ 2nd Annual Bikini Contest is in the books.

Eight buxom broads filed into the studio for the chance to be crowned the winner, and take home a nice $1,000 purse (prize money, not an actual purse).

There was Whitney, Nikki, Jeannie, Michelle, Sarah, Evelyn, Danielle and Jana. All scorching hot.

Many fine arts were on display that take years to hone, like singing, dancing, jumping on a trampoline in a bikini …

But one beauty stood out among the all the rest.

With her long, flowing tattoos and an open-mind to try new things, Sarah M twerked her way into the judges hearts (their hearts were in their pants).

While she may not have been as well-rehearsed in twerking as ‘Meagan the Intern‘ or Bruce the Hugger, she understands the core principle behind “moving your ass like a bowl of jello.”

PHOTO GALLERY: 2013 Junkies Bikini Contest

She also ate a banana, so the judges were all cised and she won.

Sarah M: Winner of the 2013 Junkies Bikini Contest.

Funniest Photoshop of the day.

Note to Reader: Evelyn’s the only one who gave us her Twitter. You can follow her here. I love my job.


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