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WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The world famous Bruce The Hugger made his way into the 106.7 The Fan studios for a pizza party with the Junkies on Thursday.

BTH probably holds the crown for longest running show character at this point, but he’s so much more than that. His talents include being a masterwork in singing, annunciation, enunciation, and being known as a generally all around great guy with a special fondness for giving hugs.

But the Junks were able to unearth a new talent from the soul of BTH: Twerking.

It seems he’s just been harboring this supreme desire to bend over, stretch his arms out, and shake it like an intern.

I’m fairly certain this isn’t illegal, but hopefully the Junkies do get over this Twerking phase soon. Oh no, the Bikini Contest is next week.

More Photos of Bruce’s Pizza Party


Bruce was hilarious as always. Below are all his segments from the pizza party sliced and diced for easier listening.

Ewadd capped the “Yea Count” off at 83.

Turkey. Merry Christmas. Okay. Yea.

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