by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Junkies full range was on display Wednesday morning, in a segment that at times was the creepiest, funniest and borderline most erotic radio they’ve done in years.

Seriously, this can’t be overblown when asking an intern to twerk in-studio, becomes male and female interns grinding like they’re at Bentley’s in College Park, then eventually EB demonstrating what he wants to see, by inexplicably removing his pants to reveal his shaking rump inside his harder to explain (and uncomfortably formfitting) pair of underwear.

The Junkies are all right around 43-years-old, which is basically like a hundred in the world of understanding pop culture, so it should come as no surprise they just now learned about “Twerking.”

Photos: Junkies Intern Twerks In-Studio

Nor should it come as a surprise they solicited an intern to demonstrate what twerking is, and even less surprising it was a female intern.

EB: It would be inappropriate to ask ‘Meagan the Intern’ to come in here and twerk, right?

Let me answer that. Yes. It would be terribly inappropriate, which is basically North on the entertainment compass, so obviously he asked anyways.

Remember earlier when I wrote about how there’s nothing better than EB and JP fighting?

I lied.

There’s nothing better than a 21-year-old intern in the prime of her life, shaking her ass from multiple camera angles.

Conversely, there’s nothing creepier than when EB starts getting cised on the air.

You can hear it in his voice. It’s like cringe worthy.

EB: Meagan, do you know what twerking is?

Meagan: Yea, I’ve seen it.

Meagan’s doing the innocent bit.

EB: Yea, but do you do it with your girlfriends when you go out?

Meagan: No I don’t know how to twerk, but I know how to dance.

EB: You do?

Oh my God, you do? That’s weird. Why’s this music playing? I’m not sure what’s going on, but if something were to happen where you just started moving around rhythmically, I guess that’d have to be fine.

Again, nobody really knows why EB removed his pants.

It was a weird segment.

View it when it comes around on Watch the Junkies. Listen in two parts below.

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