by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Nearly two years after his daughter’s death, Mitch Winehouse has authored Amy, My Daughter, to set the record straight about events leading up to Amy Winehouse’s passing, and the real cause of her death.

“There was speculation about how she died and everything else and there was speculation that she took her own life,” Mitch Winehouse told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. “So I wanted to write the book to set the record straight on her passing, and also the kind of person she was.”

“She hadn’t taken drugs for three years,” he added shortly thereafter, contradicting reports that a drug relapse had ended her life.

Before we dive further into what ended up being a fascinating interview, let’s do our own due diligence in dispelling further speculation. Mitch did not write this book to personally capitalize off his daughter’s name. All proceeds from book sales go to children’s music foundations, which in America, happens to be the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, as well as a few others.

“So the last two or three days of her life, she drank an awful lot of alcohol,” Winehouse said. “And this happened And this has happened before. But over five weeks she hadn’t drunk. This was proof that she was moving towards abstinence. These things happens, but she drank an enormous amount of alcohol when she did drink. And this time unfortunately, there was nobody there to take her to the hospital when she passed out. Security were there, but they thought she was asleep, and this dreadful accident happened. It was alcohol poisoning.”

Mitch believes that while his daughter’s progression towards a clean life had been long, and drawn-out, she had really turned the corner before her final relapse.

“The last 18 months of her life were possibly the best 18 months of her life,” he explained. “She had a new boyfriend. They were very happy. There were times when she was drinking heavily, and there were large periods when she wasn’t drinking at all.”

“This was someone who was moving towards abstinence,” he added. “But unfortunately, she didn’t quite make it.”

Winehouse has devoted his life to warning the next generation of the danger posed by “party drugs.” He’s gone school-to-school in the UK, speaking to more than 50,000 students about the issue, while offering responsible, practical advice that they’re less-likely to tune out.

“Don’t say ‘Don’t drink’ and ‘Don’t take drugs,’” he explained. “Of course the young people are going to experiment. But just think twice. Just think about these so-called party drugs. They can get you quicker than alcohol or crack or heroine. Let me tell you, this stuff can get you with one exposure.”

You can purchase the book here, and listen to the interview below.