WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Georgetown star Otto Porter admitted after completing his workout with the Wizards Friday, that although he still has aspirations of being drafted one overall, he’d feel “very comfortable” playing with John Wall and Bradley Beal in D.C.

“I have a fan base here,” Porter told reporters at Verizon Center. “I’m very comfortable here. All my games have been played in this facility, so I’m very used to the environment.”

Porter can see himself fitting well into an offense run by Wall, a “pass first guard” who “creates for others,” as he described the face of the Wizards’ franchise.

“I definitely see him creating for me and for others to get wide open looks,” Porter said.

At 6’9” tall, Porter has a lean build and his game has frequently been compared to Tayshaun Prince’s, something he’s taken notice of.

“A lot of people say that, but for me, I just play my game,” Porter said. “I try not to be like anyone else.”

One thing he knows he’ll have to change before stepping onto an NBA court though is his slight frame. He’s hired a trainer who he says is familiar NBA workouts, and will push him to outgrow his roughly 200-pound body.

“I’m definitely putting on more weight,” Porter said.

Porter and his agent David Falk are extremely confident he won’t fall further than the Wizards in the draft, which may be a valid sentiment. Rumors have begun circulating that Cleveland may have eyes to take Porter with the first pick, which could seriously put Washington in a difficult predicament at No. 3.

Otto Porter working out at the Wizards practice facility. (Credit: Sky Kerstein/106.7 The Fan)

Otto Porter working out at the Wizards practice facility. (Credit: Sky Kerstein/106.7 The Fan)

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