by Blue Shorts

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Comedian Frank Caliendo, who’s in town to perform at D.C. Improv all weekend, joined the Junkies in-studio Friday morning, bringing his bag of character voices and knack for timely one-liners along with him.

If there’s any actual news to pull from an interview with a stand-up comedian, it’s this:

Last year, Caliendo’s run as Fox NFL Sunday’s resident comedian/impressionist – a job he held since 2003 – came to an end. He explained his breakup with Fox, in what was a surprisingly fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the ratings-driven world of network television.

Here’s a sample:

It was really Fox’s decision because they’re the boss, right? Every year, every couple years I’d call and say ‘Do we want to do this anymore?’ and then they’d say ‘Yea, let’s do it.’ And we’d negotiate something. The last year I called and said ‘Hey, do we want to do this?’ because I’d get halfway through the season and feel like I’ve done everything twice.

“Did it actually get boring to you?” EB asked.

I just didn’t think I was doing anything new, and they didn’t think so either. But the problem was, we were in such an important slot there, where so many people are watching, that you didn’t want to take chances.

Caliendo also talked about the process running his impressions by Fox executives, and how he was eventually able to openly mock studio host Terry Bradshaw in front of his face on the air.

The first one I did was a Terry Bradshaw sketch and they were like ‘Don’t you have something to do besides Terry Bradshaw?’ I’m like ‘I do, but you didn’t really want to do it.’ They were like ‘Eh, it’s just okay.’ And then the focus grouped it and it killed because the same people don’t watch all the time.

You can listen to Frank Caliendo light up the room, or for the full effect, watch him do it below.

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  1. How did they feel about Caliendo’s disgraceful “Anne Frank” skit that has, somehow, been scrubbed from the internet.

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