by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The New England Patriots broke the silent streak on Tim Tebow’s NFL career by signing the ring leader of the circus Monday afternoon, but by all accounts told, he won’t be bringing the typical Tebow Show to Foxborough.

Although the Patriots cleared a roster spot for Tebow by releasing quarterback Mike Kafka, every indication points to him never seeing the field behind center, a sentiment seemingly echoed by coach Bill Belichick when he addressed the media on Tuesday.

“I’d be positively shocked if he ever takes a meaningful snap for the New England Patriots, barring injury,” NFL Network’s Albert Breer told the Junkies Tuesday. “Now listen to what I said, I said take a snap. I didn’t say play a snap. I just think it’s a possibility they use him in different ways. Athletically, I think he can do it.”

“That quarterback sneak. Those 4th and 1 situations, no one handles them better than Tom Brady, whether it’s keeping the ball himself, whether it’s audibling, playing the mental game, understanding the situation, no one plays those better than Tom Brady,” he continued. “So the idea that Tim Tebow is going to come in here and all of a sudden be some sort of short yardage specialist as a quarterback, it just doesn’t work.”

Tebow has been followed by countless reporters wherever he’s gone up to this point in his professional career, bringing no shortage of controversies along with him. But the quarterback’s been intentionally silent since being cut by the Jets in April, likely to show potential suitors he’s capable of avoiding the spotlight that’s caused the downfall of both Kyle Orton and Mark Sanchez, in Denver and New York, respectively.

“This is not the Denver Broncos taking Tim Tebow with a first-round pick,” Breer explained. “This is not the New York Jets introducing basically a stick of dynamite into a fireplace like they did last year.”

“I was told this emphatically last night, there’s no risk for the Patriots, which means he was either given very little or nothing to sign,” he later added.

New England likely considered every option prior to making the eyebrow-raising signing.

“Normally those types of deals are done by football ops people,” Breer said. “Well this was run all the way up the ladder to beyond football operations, to the highest level of the organization, and what that tells you is the Patriots are going into this with their eyes wide open, and they have certainly addressed some of the ancillary things that Tim Tebow brings along with him.”

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