WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals that almost half of all American adults have, at some point, tried marijuana.

A release on the matter stated that 48 percent of all adults in the United States had experimented with the drug, and 40 percent had done so within the past three years.

Researchers additionally learned that one out of every eight Americans have sampled pot in the past year.

Almost half of those who had tried pot had done so “just for fun,” as opposed to those that used the drug for medical purposes, according to the survey.

Especially high rates of marijuana experimentation were said to have been observed in one particular age group.

“More than half (56 percent) of young adults say they’ve tried marijuana, and 27 percent say they’ve smoked it in the past year — by far the highest percentage in any age category,” the release stated. “That’s also the age group showing the strongest support for legalizing the demon weed: 64 percent, compared with just over half of 30- to 64-year-olds.”

The findings came from a study conducted in March of this year. The larger study involved 1,501 participants from all over the country.

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