WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – For all of you out there looking for love and who just aren’t attracted to the right person, you may have some help as the temperature gets warmer.

According to a new study, people are more attractive in the summer.

Researchers found that people look sexier, are happier, and feel healthier in the summer months. The study showed that women looked considerably better as the temperature gets higher.

Over 2,000 adults participated in the study.

The participants were shown “summer” and “winter” photographs of men and women. They found that 82 percent of women looked more attractive in the summer pictures.

The study also found that 73 percent looked happier, and half looked healthier.

As for the men, 60 percent of them were thought to have looked better in their warmer shots.

The study showed that only 2 percent of people look better in the winter.

People say they usually look better in the summer because they wear “nicer clothes and accessories.”

Experts say this can help single people make themselves appear more attractive during the summer.

“It’s natural that we find others more appealing in the summer,” Kate Taylor, relationship expert at match.com, which carried out the survey, told The Telegraph.

“Typically, both sexes look better when outdoors and relaxed rather than huddled up in hats and scarves,” she added to the paper. “Plus, you’re more likely to be outside enjoying the sunshine and having a good time, and this comes across as much in a photo as it does in person.”

If you are single, now may be the best time to find a mate. “If you are currently dating, or looking to start, now is the perfect time to show off what makes you great,” Taylor added to the paper. “Make the most of looking happier and healthier and use the extra confidence boost to meet even more new people.”

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