WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Where do we meet our closest friends in adulthood? Well, according to a new study conducted by Lancaster University in the UK, it is in the workplace.

Researchers interviewed 40 office workers in two workplaces. They asked about their friendships at work and outside of work.

Participants were asked to rate how strong they felt their friendship was. Results of the study showed that strongest friendships were made at work.

The study also found that when people were going through stressful situations, they leaned on their co-workers most for support.

“The demands and stressful environment of the workplace, where employees feel they have little control, shape emotionally close friendships,” Dr. Anne Cronin, lead researcher, told the Daily Mail. “The workplace certainly offers shared experiences, challenges and stresses that can act to bond people, but it also throws people together and facilitates friendships which may not have developed elsewhere.”

Psychologist Sabrina Reed agreed with the findings. “In stressful times people turn to each other, that’s a survival mechanism to make stress more bearable,” she told the paper. “And we spend more time with our colleagues generally than we do with our family.”


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