The WNEW Newsroom — along with the rest of the DC Metro Area — was plunged into darkness when a powerful storm called a ‘derecho’ ripped across the entire region. Millions of people were left without power or landline phone service. That included All News 99.1 WNEW.

Our coverage begins inside a pitch-dark studio with no phones, no lights, no computer, no access to reporters, traffic, weather, or sports. Only the microphone was working.

From there the newsteam figured out how to keep running without the creature comforts of electricity. We held cell phones up to the open mic. We recruited desk assistants, web writers and managers to be our eyes and ears in the field.

Nobody had to be asked. Everyone pitched in.

Within hours, WNEW was “all-hands on deck” because we TOO were in the dark, we could relate to what our listeners were going through.

…and the news never stopped. We never broke stride in getting desperately-needed information to our audience.

Our outstanding coverage of this historic event was recognized by the Radio Television Digital News Association and we were the recipient of an Edward R. Murrow Award for Continuing Coverage.

Not bad for a news operation only 5 months old!

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