CAIRO (CBSDC) – Jon Stewart might be counting his blessings for never being interrogated for jokes he’s made about Presidents Bush and Obama.

Bassem Youssef, who is considered to be “Egypt’s Jon Stewart,” was interrogated by Egyptian government officials on Sunday after an arrest warrant was announced for charges that included insulting Islam and President Mohammed Morsi. CBS News reports that Youssef turned himself in and was later released after being interrogated for five hours by officials.

Youssef, who called the people who handled his interrogation “quite fair,” told CBS News that the procedure of the law currently in place is dated, much to the detriment of the Egyptian people.

“If we made a whole revolution and we didn’t change a law like this, then this is quite ridiculous,” Youssef said to CBS News. “President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have not made any serious steps to actually improve liberties in the country.”

It is unclear whether Sunday’s interrogation was meant to intimidate the host of “El Bernameg.” It isn’t the first time a government body or group of people has come after Youssef, as he has been the target of lawsuits for some time now. Youssef said that the satirical jabs on his show will not be slowed down.

“If you tone-down the show, this is exactly what they want,” he said. Youssef added:  “We’re going to be as bad as we feel that we should.”