by Chuck Carroll

As it turns out WWE’s legal department my have saved JP’s life Monday morning without even knowing it.

The Junkies wanted to do a “wacky bit” with Big Show, a legit 7-foot tall and 440-pound pro wrestler, when he was in studio Monday morning to promote Raw that night at Verizon Center and WrestleMania 29 the following weekend.

JP, you see, wanted to have Big Show, whose real name is Paul Wight, perform his patented Choke Slam on him inside the 106.7 The Fan studios. He even went so far as to get mats from L.A. Boxing to cushion the fall.

But, as it turns out, WWE doesn’t like to get in trouble.

“WWE Superstars aren’t allowed to grab anyone by the neck, simulate choke holds, or picking up,” Show recited in perfect legalese.

You see, he’s gotten in trouble in the past for doing just that and was in no hurry for more hot water.

“I’ve gotten enough letters from our legal department, I don’t pick anybody up anymore or fake Choke Slam,” he told the Junks.

Say what you will about wrestling, but being slammed to the ground from over seven feet in the are by a man as massive as Big Show is going to hurt. Hell, it may even prove fatal, which is why the lawyers want to put the kibosh on all the fun.

Still, one must wonder wither JP is breathing a silent sigh of relief. Check out the photo of the two standing side-by-side. Big Show is literally resting his elbow on the top of JP’s head.

Of course that was just one part of the interview. The actual highlight, and non-life threatening portion of the segment, came when Lurch told Big Show the story of Linda McMahon’s recent appearance on Table Manners. You see, Linda, who despite having dated Vince McMahon since high school, says the WWE owner is not the only man she’s ever ‘been with.’

The over-sized grappler doubled over with laughter and said, “I didn’t need to know that!”


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