WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — A new poll conducted by CBS News indicates that Americans are experiencing anger and unhappiness with government activity in Washington to a record-setting degree.

A reported 80 percent of participants in the poll expressed that they are unhappy with the federal government.

Additionally, 30 percent of people are said to be angry with Washington politics, which is nine points higher than statistics gathered on the topic last December.

Such widespread displeasure with the government has not been seen since 2010, CBS News learned.

The majority of Americans also feel that the United States is headed down the wrong track – only 32 percent disagree.

CBS News found that Republicans were more likely to express displeasure than Democrats were. A reported 90 percent of conservatives said they felt the country was going in the wrong direction, while 60 percent of Democrats said the same.

President Barack Obama’s approval rating has also seemingly dipped below 50 percent again, with the survey indicating that just 45 percent of the country is happy with the performance of the commander in chief.

Public sentiment regarding his handling of specific issues is even lower. In regards to how the Obama administration has handled the economy, only 39 percent of Americans expressed support.

Researchers spoke with 1,181 adult Americans throughout the nation over the phone earlier this month.


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