WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Close to 90 percent of Americans have a negative view of Iran.

New Gallup Poll research has found that Americans view Iran as the least favorable country. The country received a favorable rating of 9 percent, while totaling an astounding 87-percent unfavorable rating, according to the data.

The data showed that Iran is classified in the currently “hostile” category toward the U.S., joining North Korea.

When it came to unfavorable ratings from Americans, Iran wasn’t alone. Another seven nations – Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Pakistan, and North Korea – also had unfavorable ratings topping 70 percent.

On the flip side, Canada is the anti-Iran for Americans. The neighbors to the north earned a favorable rating of 91 percent compared to just a 5-percent unfavorable rating. Other nations with favorable ratings eclipsing 70 percent included Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and France.


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