WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Washington Redskins have been thrust into the heat of a legal dispute over their namesake, and to this point, there has been no public face to represent their opposition.

Five plaintiffs have brought the name to the attention of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, now hearing their case contending the name ‘Redskins’ should lose its federal trademark protection, which legally prohibits names that are disparaging, scandalous, contemptuous or disreputable from being registered.

So far, only politicians and various members of the media have publicly represented the anti-Redskins movement, but that changed Friday when Amanda Blackhorse appeared on 106.7 The Fan, simulcast via the online video stream.

Blackhorse, one of the plaintiffs that brought the name to trademark court, told the Junkies she thinks “the actual term itself has no place being registered federally.”

“Being younger I didn’t see myself in those stereotypical images,” Blackhorse said. “I didn’t see myself as the headdress and all of that. When I went to college, I went to an all-Native university and I got to learn the history. I actually went to a game in 2005 where the Washington football team played Kansas City, and I got to see firsthand the craziness that happens out there.”

“What’s the craziness?” Eric Bickel of The Junkies asked.

“The people yelling at us, telling us to go get drunk,” she specified. “Go back to your reservation. Get over it. And the paraphernalia and the way that people were dressed, I just felt so disrespected.”

“How were people dressed?” Bickel asked.

“They had fake headdresses and war paint on their face.”

Listen below to hear Blackhorse explain her case…