by Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – How’s this name for a blast from the past? JaVale McGee.

Washington Wizards fans remember him as the former 18th overall pick, loaded with “raw potential” he never lived up to, who tripped and stumbled his way out the door after being traded to Denver one year ago.

But regular TNT viewers may be more familiar with him as the butt of many of Shaquille O’Neal’s jokes.

McGee, long, uncoordinated legs and all, seems to have taken notice of the Big Aristotle’s frequent shots.

During a post-game interview, when the Hall of Fame center tried to extend an olive branch to McGee in a sort of half-tongue-in-cheek apology, the hapless Nuggets center’s response could be described as despondent at best; intentionally cold at worst.

JaVale even unnecessarily dropped a racial slur in Shaq’s general direction.


JaVale is still on Twitter in case you’re curious.