Vasectomy Madness

The champion of the first annual Vasectomy Madness tournament has been crowned with the spoils of a free procedure going to one very lucky man.

Thirty-year-old Brad has won the the vasectomy giveaway, which includes a pre-operative assessment and consultation, the procedure itself, and any aftercare from 106.7 The Fan, in conjunction with urological surgeons, Dr. Shin and Dr. Engel.

From countless entries, five men were selected to join the Junkies in studio Thursday to state why they most deserved to get ‘the snip.’ Brad was a cut above them all.

Brad, who is still a young man, provided his moving testimony to the Junkies, explaining he’s already responsible for four kids – two of his own, and two step-children.  Simply put, he and his wife just cannot afford more children.

His wife was a key factor in winning over the popular vote, having endured multiple heart procedures.  As Brad sees it, it would be unfair for her to have to undergo any form of child-prevention procedures.

Brad’s overlaying story made him victorious with voters who sympathized with his will to bite the proverbial bullet, sacrifice for his wife, and ensure the couple would bring no more children into world.

And to the victor goes the spoils.

Credit: The Junkies

Credit: The Junkies


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