WASHINGTON, D. C. (CBSDC) – According to a recent study,an increasing number of people are soliciting websites for advice, instead of asking their grandparents.

Researchers learned that less than one out of four grandparents were asked for advice, according to Salon.com. The study also reportedly noted that the most popular sites to go to for advice are Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

“Grandparents believe they are being sidelined by Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and the huge resource of advice available on the internet,” Susan Fermor, of cleaning specialist Dr. Beckmann – the nationally-renowned company that commissioned the research on passing down domestic wisdom – was quoted as saying to the Telegraph.

She added, “They are aware that their grandchildren – already with their noses buried in a laptop, tablet computer, or smartphone – find it much easier to search the Internet for instant advice.”

Almost all of the grandparents that participated in the survey said they asked more questions to their grandparents when they were the same age as their grandchildren.

“Previous generations of grandparents haven’t experienced this phenomena because the Internet is still very much in its infancy and is less than a generation old in real terms,” Fermor noted.