LONDON (CBSDC) — Rapper Kanye West launched into a mid-concert rant against a range of people that included corporate executives, Justin Timberlake and one of his most famous public critics – President Barack Obama.

In a performance at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday, the Chicago-born rapper at one point said: “I don’t give a f–k what the president’s got to say,” to an ecstatic London audience.

The president – also with roots in the city of Chicago — has publicly called West a “jackass.” One example was an off-hand remark picked up by cameras in which Obama commented on West’s interruption of singer Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

On Saturday, Kanye continued to deride the incident, for which he took extensive media ridicule for supporting singer Beyonce’s music video over Swift’s. “And everybody thought I was so crazy. Am I the only one who is not crazy?” Kanye yelled to the cheering London audience.

In a wandering freestyle tone, West went on to take shots at a wide-ranging series of people and topics that included corporations and the Grammy’s. Most of the tirade was prefaced by West asking about the music industry, “Remind me why we in this s—t?”

“I hate business people,” said West. “Since when was making art about getting rich?” Kanye asked the crowd.

In addition to being a musician, West is a film director, fashion designer and beau of reality television star Kim Kardashian. The couple is currently expecting a baby girl sometime in July of this year, US Weekly reports.

Kanye also used the London stage to take a dig at Justin Timberlake and hip-hop friend and collaborator Jay-Z.

“I’ve got love for Hov but I ain’t f–king with that ‘Suit & Tie,'” West also said, apparently taking a shot at Timberlake’s comeback single which features Jay-Z.

Benjamin Fearnow


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