WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Longtime reporter Dan Rather stated that he believes President Obama has been “fairly good” in office, but that he has broken his promise of increased transparency in The White House.

Talking with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin of HuffPost Live, the host of “Dan Rather Reports” said that he still thinks the Nixon administration is the “most secretive” in history, but Obama is not much of an improvement.

“He did promise more transparency,” said Rather. “He has delivered less transparency. Far less transparency. He hasn’t met his promises about that, no question about it.”

In reference to a question about the President’s use of drones, Rather said he doesn’t think any one person, not even the President, should have the power to launch attacks similar to the recent strikes in Yemen.

“I think decent-intending people with common sense can work out a way to use the drone weaponry when it’s appropriate to use it and with the proper checks and balances,” Rather told HuffPost Live. “We do not have those checks and balances in place right now. We need them…. We need to have a national debate about this. We need to have a consensus decision: are we going to use drones under any circumstances? If so, what are those circumstances, and who’s going to check on the power?”

Rather was formerly a longtime news anchor for the CBS Evening News and a contributor to the network’s “60 Minutes” program.


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