LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — A few weeks ago, the “Harlem Shake” was unknown. Now, the dance craze has swept the country, and people have turned to YouTube to offer their own take on the shake.

In the wildly popular dance — YouTube says more than 4,000 “Harlem Shake” videos are uploaded per day — one person, typically in a helmet or mask, dances in the middle of a room. Then the beat drops and dozens, if not hundreds, of dancers dressed in outrageous costumes flail about with no sense of order.

One person is trying to organize the largest “Harlem Shake” ever and is asking people to come out to the National Mall on July 6 to be a part of history.

Here in the D.C. area, several different colleges and universities have uploaded their own 30-second video.

American University used their mascot, Clawed, as the focal point of their video:

Georgetown released a ‘Hoya Shake’ video (see you if you can spot the Iron Man in the middle not moving):

The George Washington men’s basketball team took time out of their practice to dance at midcourt:

The Georgetown football team turned a weight-lifting session into dance break:

Students at the Georgetown School of Medicine put away the books for a bit:

The University of Maryland gymnastics team followed Testudo’s lead after practice:

The University of Maryland students had some fun at Saturday’s men’s basketball game against Duke. They organized a flash mob and “Harlem Shake” during timeouts:

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