A mysterious sore has been building under Cakes’ lip the last several days, and suspicion amongst the guys as to what it really could be has been mounting to the point where it has Cakes ready to burst.

After a serious round of interrogation and speculation Wednesday and after a Twitpic had been released to the masses, the Junkies opened up the phones for callers to offer their own diagnosis.

The offerings from listeners included:

  • Herpes Simplex
  • Just a sore
  • Could be an ingrown hair
  • Cyst filled with puss
  • Zit

Get in on the conversation by re-watching the segment.

“Somebody posited that it could be, I shaved with a blade that I hadn’t thrown away,” Cakes said. “And I got an infection from that.”

“Remember I told you,” EB said. “I had a big boil that hurt on my back and my wife used to pop it every once in a while, and I got cised. And then eventually she found a clump of hairs in there.”

By the end of the segment, Cakes was so overcome with panic he decided to forgo the usual post-show shtick session to have a medical professional look at it in person.

No telling whether he’ll call in sick tomorrow, but if he does, it’s safe to assume the worst.

In the meantime, drop us a comment below and let us know what you think it could be…

The pressure as to the diagnosis of the mysterious sore on Cake's face is growing. (Credit: Eric Bickel)

The pressure as to the diagnosis of the mysterious sore on Cake’s face is growing. Ignore the other gross growth on his chin and focus on the more disgusting abscess along his lip line. (Credit: Eric Bickel)


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