LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC)– A loophole in the City of Fredericksburg code was brought to light recently when a man was cited for walking around town naked from the waist down, according to City Attorney Kathleen Dooley.

The town does prohibit nudity in restaurants, bars and similar establishments, but those rules do not apply in public, outdoor spaces, Dooley said. The man’s court case was dismissed for that reason, and because the statewide code only prohibits exposing oneself with the intention of performing an obscene act, not nudity for nudity’s sake.

Fredericksburg city council members are working to amend the code, but the new ordinance must be voted on twice before it can become law. It will come back to the council for a second time Jan. 22.

“We would not expect our citizens or our visitors or young children simply walking on a downtown street to encounter a naked person,” Dooley said. “It just is not something that is consistent with the city values.”

WNEW’s Lauren McLendon contributed to this report.

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