WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Despite repeated denials from Hillary Clinton about a possible 2016 presidential run, former GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich stated his party would be “incapable of competing” against her and the Democrats.

The former Republican Speaker of the House expressed negativity about his own party’s chances in 2016 with NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday. He said that the combined support of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and a presumably still-popular President Barack Obama would be an unstoppable campaign.

“Trying to win that will truly be the Super Bowl,” said Gingrich. “The Republican Party of today is truly incapable of competing at that level.”

According to recent polls, many Americans agree with Gingrich.

A recent Siena poll found that Hillary Clinton is “viewed favorably” by 75 percent of respondents. And a Washington Post poll found not only do more than two-thirds of Americans approve of the way Clinton is handling her current job as secretary of state, but also that 57 percent would support her for president in a 2016 run.

Former Clinton aide and Democratic strategist James Carville upped the ante for the Hillary bandwagon, telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he doesn’t know what Hillary will do, but people want her to run. “The Democrats want her to run – like 90 percent across the country,” said Carville.

But Clinton has repeatedly denied she will pursue the presidential office in 2016. Last April, Clinton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “Look, I’m flattered. I am honored. That is not in the future for me.” She ran unsuccessfully against President Obama in a heated 2008 primary.

Speculation has also been muted by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Former President Clinton told “Face the Nation” in September that he has “no Earthly idea” whether his wife would seek the office again but voiced his full-throated support for the idea.

“She’s tired,” he said. “She wants to take some time off, kind of regroup. Write a book.”

Benjamin Fearnow