FAIRFAX, Va. (CBSDC) – A gun was found inside a student’s locker at a high school in Fairfax County on Wednesday.

According to 9News Now, when school administrators found the gun inside a student’s locker at Robinson Secondary School, they confiscated it and notified the police.

The suspects were identified and questioned, and the school says disciplinary action will follow.

The school issued the following letter to parents regarding the incident:

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I wanted to alert you to an incident that occurred today at Robinson. School administrators confiscated a gun inside a student’s locker. Fairfax Police were notified immediately and criminal and administrative investigations are underway. The suspects involved have been identified and questioned. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in response to this very serious event.

We recognize the danger associated with any weapon in the school. Any violations that jeopardize the safety of students at Robinson will result in severe consequences as outlined in the Student Rights & Responsibilities document. I encourage you to engage your children in discussions about how to deal with similar situations in the future. The adults responsible for keeping students safe can do their jobs more effectively, if students are willing to report problems.

We will continue to monitor this situation to ensure the safety of students. We are very appreciative of the quick response to this incident from our School Resource Officer and the Fairfax County Police Department. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call the school office.

Dan Meier


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