WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A helicopter used during Hurricane Katrina relief efforts will touch down for the last time at the D.C. Armory on Wednesday.

The UH-1V helicopter is scheduled to be permanently mounted for display in front of the Armory when it arrives on a flatbed truck around 9 a.m. A crane will be used to lower it into place.

It was part of the D.C. Army National Guard inventory and was also used for border patrol before its retirement.

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    We cannot find time to report ‘news’, so we report that another national guard armory has a Huey parked in front of it?

    Do not get me wrong, this is a sensational local news interest. And if we did not have a war going on that no one wants to report on, I would enjoy this kind of news. It gives you a warm feeling.

    But, what about our soldiers who have been promised for SIX years they were coming home?

    And instead they have been sent to TWENTY new countries to die in? Sorry, that was an exaggeration, with modern combat medicine, most will just lose an arm or a leg.

    Then the VA will tell them they are ‘OK.’

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