ROANOKE, Va. (CBSDC) — Roanoke parents were unable to harvest sperm from their 19-year-old son before he died.

Rufus and Jerri McGill were unable to take sperm from Rufus Arthur McGill II because a court order would have taken too long, according to the Roanoke Times.

McGill was on life support after he crashed his mother’s car on Oct. 14 in an accident that killed 15-year-old Hannah Long. WSLS-TV reports that police believe McGill was drunk and that he also took prescription medication while drinking.

The McGills found out last Thursday their son was brain dead and that sperm would need to be taken and frozen up to 36 hours after his death. The parents were hoping to collect their son’s sperm in hopes of having grandchildren.

“I’m very saddened that I’m not going to have a piece of him with me,” Jerri McGill told the Roanoke Times. “I do have a younger son that’s 17 who always says he’s never having kids. That might change, but I’m not guaranteed to have grandchildren from him because what if he meets a woman who is not fertile or, God forbid, what if he can’t have children?”

According to the paper, Roanoke Memorial Hospital is working on a policy in order to extract sperm from patients in order to avoid an incident like this.

“I think if something can come out of this, as cliché as it sounds, justice has been done,” Jerri McGill told the paper. “And then he didn’t die in vain.”

The McGill’s deceased son was accused of racing another car before the October crash.


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