KHAYEGA, Kenya (CBSDC) – As American voters await the outcome of today’s general election between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, interested onlookers in a Kenyan village have used a bullfight to decide that the president will be reelected.

Villagers from Khayega, a western Kenya town, had a bullfight between a black bull and a white bull over the weekend – the black bull being named Obama and the white bull taking on the Romney name. According to BBC News, Obama, the overwhelming favorite despite Romney outweighing him by close to 110 pounds, won after going at Romney for about 30 minutes. Once Obama was declared the winner, villagers began to celebrate by dancing and singing songs on the village streets.

“Here at home it’s clear now that Romney can’t beat Obama,” Stephen Shikoli, a spectator, told the BBC. “He has no experience of speaking at state house and to other heads of states but Obama has what is takes as he respects the people, he is kind and humble.”

He added: “Romney doesn’t stand a chance against Obama.”

Although he is an American citizen, the president is seen as a powerful figure in Kenya because of his father being a native Kenyan.

This is not the first time bulls with famous political names have been bred to fight each other. In the past, bullfights such as George W. Bush versus Saddam Hussein have taken center stage.