ASHBURN (CBSDC) — The Washington Redskins opened up their locker room for the first time this week as preparations began for this weekend’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The players were all smiles with one of their leaders back in the fold.

Chris Cooley made his return to Redskins Park today after being re-signed on Monday.

“I woke up like a little kid,”  Cooley said jokingly.  “Mike Wise took me to work today, he packed me a lunch, so thanks Mike.”

Cooley had a big smile on his face and said he still doesn’t know what his role will be for Sunday, but is ready to help in any way he can.

“This is the way I would’ve hoped anything could’ve played out, at least for my career,”  Cooley said.  “So, I’m thrilled to be here.”

Cooley added that he feels “great’ physically.

“I think it was nice to sit back, look around watching football games and watch the league,”  Cooley said.  “I looked at it and thought I could definitely do this, I know I’m as good as a lot of these players. So, it’s a good opportunity for me to prove that.”

Listen here to what Chris Cooley, DeAngelo Hall, Santana Moss, Josh Wilson, Stephen Bowen, Barry Cofield, Lorenzo Alexander & Keiland Williams had to say during open locker room today.

Chris Cooley Open Locker Room Audio

DeAngelo Hall Open Locker Room Audio

Santana Moss Open Locker Room Audio

Josh Wilson Open Locker Room Audio

Stephen Bowen Open Locker Room Audio

Barry Cofield Open Locker Room Audio

Lorenzo Alexander Open Locker Room Audio

Keiland Williams Open Locker Room Audio

Also listen here to what Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin and quarterback Ben Rothlisberger had to say on their conference calls with the DC media today about RG3, the Redskins defense, how big this game is and a whole lot more!

Mike Tomlin Conference Call Audio

Ben Rothlisberger Conference Call Audio


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