BETHESDA, Md. (CBSDC) – A woman is in custody after smashing her car into Walter Reed, then inciting gunfire by trying to drive away.

The incident began early Tuesday afternoon, when Angela Akosua Kobbold, 27, of Manassas, wrecked her car into the north gate of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda.

When she attempted to get away, naval security officers tried to stop her vehicle, with one officer beating on her car with a baton and another firing a single gunshot at her car.

Kobbold was not struck by the gunfire and proceeded on, at one point careening her vehicle into a patrol car with an officer inside.

She fled the scene, driving north on Route 355, but was later apprehended on Nebel Road near White Flint Mall.

One officer was transported to the hospital after sustaining non-life-threatening injuries, and traffic was at a stand-still in both directions of 355 for multiple hours while Montgomery County police investigated the scene.

police invesitage the walter reed collision scene john domen Police: Woman Ate Soap, Then Crashed Into Walter Reed and Sped Away from Gunfire

Credit: WNEW reporter John Domen

Police spokesperson Paul Starks says a motive for why a woman would drive her car into such a sensitive area is unclear, or whether it was even intentional at all.

However, he did say before the incident she had been spotted driving more than 90 miles per hour on I-66 in Virginia, and another report described her as being seen eating a bar of soap.


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