WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Apples have recently been added to the list of “Foods That Fight Cancer,” which is maintained by the American Institute of Cancer Research.

According to the AICR official website, the levels of vitamin C and fiber found in the fruit – which, according to the Institute, is the second most frequently consumed fruit in the United States – are what give apples their cancer-fighting abilities.

“In laboratory studies, flavonoids such as quercetin and the triterpenoids found in apples have slowed the development of cancers of the colon, lung and breast in several stages of cancer development,” the website notes. “Current research suggests that protection may come as much from directly affecting cell growth as from antioxidant activity.”

The amount of apples consumed by the American populace has reportedly given researchers a unique opportunity to observe the correlation between apple intake and cancer prevention.

“In some … studies [observed by AICR], people who consume the most apples show lower cancer risk, particularly of the colon, lung and breast, although results are not consistent,” the site specified.

All the same, other researchers and scientists have observed similar phenomena that corroborate the assertions of the Institute.

“Research is pointing to the fact there is not one single phytochemical that supplies apples’ anti-cancer properties,” Rui Hai Liu, a professor in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University is quoted by saying by the AICR. “It’s the whole apple.”

Other edibles added to the “recently updated” section of the AICR list of cancer-fighting foods include cherries, cranberries, flaxseed and blueberries.


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