Imagine this: You’re living your dream. You’re offered a position on the coaching staff of a championship football school. But your salary won’t support your four small children. Not only that, the job is all encompassing and you wouldn’t get to see your children for months at a time.

This is what happened to Joe Moglia. He picks up the story from there in the book 4th and Goal One Man’s Quest to Recapture his Dream.

“I didn’t think I could do my job if I couldn’t live up to my responsibilities as a father and the toughest career decisions I’ve ever had to make was turning down that job. In turning down that job, that tells me I had to get out of football and it was a few months later while I ended up in the MBA Training program at Merrill Lynch. There were 26 of us, 25 MBA’s and one football coach.”

Up the Career ladder he went. 24 years later he finds himself chairman of TD America when football calls him again.

And I made the decision to go back. Bo Pelini gave me an opportunity to work with him for two years at Nebraska. And then I worked for the United Football League as head coach last year and this year at Coastal Carolina.”

It sounds almost too simple as he recounts it. Moglia will tell you it was much more complicated and emotionally wrenching than that. Currently he’s the football coach at Coastal Carolina University in the Big South Conference and loving every minute of it.