WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — If winning the popular vote in the latest beauty poll has any implications on the 2012 Presidential Election, Barack Obama is looking good.

In what is being dubbed as the largest political beauty poll in history, Sarah Palin edged out former President Bill Clinton as the most attractive politician in the game.

Thousands of Americans voted in the poll on BeautifulPeople.com, a site usually devoted to being the most exclusive online dating community on the web.

Of the 10 candidates listed in the poll, the majority of the 57,000 voters designated Palin as “favorable.” That’s good news for the front runner of the Tea Party.

However, the award for most attractive party overall goes to the Democrats who landed six candidates in the Top 10.

Voters also found Bill Clinton to be 23 percent more attractive than his wife, and current Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton.

President Obama finished fourth while Mitt Romney placed seventh in the rankings. Pollsters found Obama has a 15 percent more favorable look than his Republican challenger.

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan came in sixth on the poll, one spot ahead of the leading man on the GOP ticket.

BeautifulPeople.com proclaims itself to be the largest community of attractive people in the world. Members must voted in by existing members of the opposite sex, who have the opportunity to judge membership candidates based on approval of the picture they submit.

Top 10 Most Attractive Politicians:

Politician % favorable vote
Sarah Palin (R) 64%
Bill Clinton (D) 63%
Gavin Newsom (D) 61%
Barack Obama (D) 57%
John Boehner (R) 54%
Paul Ryan (R) 47%
Mitt Romney (R) 42%
Joe Biden (D) 42%
Hillary Clinton (D) 40%
Joe Kennedy (D) 39%

But it wouldn’t be a complete superficial survey without a separate poll to determine the nation’s ugliest politicians.

Top 10 Ugliest Politicians:

Politician % favorable vote
Barney Frank (D) 8%
John McCain (R) 8%
Chris Christie (R) 9%
Newt Gingrich (R) 14%
Ron Paul (R) 16%
Nancy Pelosi (D) 24%
John Edwards (D) 28%
George Bush (R) 30%
Al Gore (D) 32%
Michele Bachmann (R) 32%

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