by Morgan Gilliam

WASHINGTON — American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert lent his voice to Marylanders for Marriage Equality Tuesday night at the 9:30 Club.

The group will keep the profits to benefit their drive to approve Question 6 on the November ballot.

Question 6 is a proposition on the Maryland State ballot that would legalize same-sex marriage. If it passes, the state would become the first in the nation to legalize gay marriage using the public voting process.

This is the first time Lambert has taken the stage for the cause and he hopes his celebrity status will garner more support for the issue.

“I’m lending my amazing fan base, hopefully they can raise awareness after tonight, after this concert,” said Lambert. “Hopefully I can get them excited.”

Lambert, who first announced he was gay in 2009, was performing on “Idol” in the wake of the highly publicized Proposition 8 initiative that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman in California.

Lambert says he wasn’t in a position to get involved until recently. So, when this opportunity presented itself, he felt it was overdue.

“We have a question on the ballot that is up to the people, it is non-partisan,” said Lambert. “It has nothing to do with Republican, Democrat… it’s a human rights thing.”

Lambert joked that if Question 6 passes, he would wear a veil and garter during his next concert in the DC area.

WNEW’s George Mesthos contributed to this report. Follow him on Twitter.

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