WNEW’s Judlyne Lilly talked to one author who has some advice for African-American women who are looking for Mr. Right.

Maybe you saw the movie called Something New. It’s about an African-American woman who – eventually – marries a white guy.

Author Christelyn Karazin is an advocate of swirling – that is marrying outside of your race. Her book Swirling, written with co-author Janice Littlejohn, is directed toward single African-American women – most of whom are reluctant to take that step.

“A lot of black women are taught that anybody who’s interested in black women that’s not a black man, you should be suspicious of.”

Karazin has heard all of the arguments against swirling and rejects them.

You have a lot of black women who have reached a certain level of achievement and education and in their career. As they climb the corporate ladder, they’re looking around and they’re looking for that mate that’s compatible, that’s on par with them and they’re not finding that many black ones.” She continues by saying, “We are self-limiting ourselves. Our black male counterparts aren’t doing that and they don’t have to, so neither should we.”

The criteria she uses to weed out the wrong types of guys she says works for all men.


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