WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – With warnings of potential derechos and tornados swirling around, it seems the power companies are learning to head the storm at the pass.

Pepco, BGE and Dominion – serving D.C., Maryland and Virginia – have all issued statements saying they are ahead of the curve on this one. In anticipation of severe thunderstorms, Pepco scheduled extra distribution line crews and additional tree trimming crews for Tuesday and Wednesday.

BGE officials announced they are “closely monitoring” approaching storms with high winds with the power to knock out power for its Maryland residents.

Dominion power boasted its preparedness by sayings it’s been monitoring the storm since last Friday, also adding additional shifts for crews on stand-by.

“Crews are working their regular day today,” said Dominion spokesperson Le-Ha Anderson. “Just as soon as the storm comes into the area, and if it does impact our customers we will be ready to begin restoration.”

Of course this all comes after the public outcry of all three companies’ handling of the derecho in late June, which initially left millions of area residents without power, and hundreds of thousands without power for as many as 5 days thereafter.

The power companies came under heavy scrutiny for not being more prepared for a storm forecast days in advance.

Mayor Vincent Gray went as far as to appoint a task force to help determine the costs and benefits of burying all D.C. power lines underground as a future preventative measure.