WASHINGTON (CBS WASHINGTON) — Filmmaker Michael Moore predicted that the influence of money in politics will propel Mitt Romney to a victory over President Barack Obama in this year’s election.

In an interview with Huffington Post Live on Thursday, Moore said he believes if the election were conducted in an “American Idol” format where “America could vote from their couches,” then Obama would win the election easily.

“Mitt Romney is going to raise more money than Barack Obama. That should guarantee his victory,” Moore told HuffPost host Josh Zepps. “I think people should start to practice the words ‘President Romney.’ To assume that the other side is just a bunch of ignoramuses who are supported by people who believe that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago is to completely misjudge the opposition.”

Moore – director of the documentaries “Fahrenheit 9/11” and the Academy Award-winning “Bowling For Columbine” – said that the Republicans will utilize their financial advantage to organize and win the presidential election.

Moore iterated that the Republicans are highly motivated and implied that “hate is a strong emotion” that they are utilizing. Moore went on to say that Obama’s base is more apathetic than they were in 2008, and they need to get back to that past enthusiasm.

“This election’s going to be decided on who gets out the most people that day, Moore told HuffPost Live. “Who’s up at four in the morning, making sure that dozens, hundreds, thousands of people in their communities are getting out to vote?”

“And the Republican machine that is set up and the money behind it to guarantee [what] is really the only important thing — turnout on that day — that’s what looks pretty scary here.”

According to Moore, huge numbers of young people, African-Americans and white women will need to come out and vote for Barack Obama in order for the Democrats to win the election this November.