Thomas Boswell joined the Holden and Danny Show on Tuesday to discuss the Washington Nationals and of course the Stephen Strasburg shut down obviously came up.  Boswell has been speaking out against those who have been commenting on Strasburg situation, saying it is distraction the Nats’ do not need.

Boswell began the interview by saying the writing is already on the wall for Strasburg.

“I think people who analyze pitching motions are already seeing fatigue in his pitching motions,” said Boswell.

Boswell went on to conclude that even if Strasburg continues to pitch past his limit, he won’t be the same dominant pitcher that we’re used to seeing.

“All the evidence of fatigue mounting is there, in October you wouldn’t see the real Stephen Strasburg,” Boswell said. “He may not get hurt, but he wouldn’t be the same.”

As Boswell noted, the biggest argument for those who are against the Strasburg shutdown has been how healthy he has looked.  Boswell and others disagree, citing his up-and-down games of late after looking so dominant earlier in the year.

It has been speculated that Strasburg will be limited to between 160 and 180 innings, but Boswell thinks it will be closer to the former rather than the latter.

“I think you will see them err on the lower side, say 160 innings rather than 180 innings,” said Boswell.

Boswell also talked about the pressure this Nationals team is now under as a division leader heading into the playoffs.  As Holden Kushner noted, this is the biggest series of the year to date.  Boswell said the team is already feeling playoff pressure and it is only mid-August.

“I’ve never been around a team that didn’t have to go through that,” Boswell said on whether or not this Nationals team is having post-season jitters.

Boswell also mentioned how there was a learning curve for winning and preparing for the playoffs. Obviously down this home stretch we’ll see how the Nationals handle that pressure and adjust.


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