ST. PAUL, Minn. (CBS DC) – For only $325, you can buy the chance to shoot Osama bin Laden yourself – with paintballs.

Sealed Mindset, a firearms studio based in Minn., has created a simulation called the “Navy SEAL Adventure,” which allows participants to role play the mission that killed bin Laden.

Minnesota Public Radio talked to Commander Larry Yatch, president and CEO of Sealed Mindset, who said they created the simulation “to teach people skills they can use to protect themselves” in a fun way.

”If you spend every weekend shooting or every day at the dojo working on your martial arts, you’re halfway to being safe,” Yatch told MPR. “[However,] it’s the people that maybe might be a little intimidated around a gun or don’t necessarily feel comfortable having to fight with someone … who we can make the biggest difference in their lives.”

The mission puts the participants in the shoes of Navy SEAL operatives and allows a group of 8 people – referred to as a platoon – to plan, then execute, the raid.

Participants get to reenact weapon training and learn to operate a customized AR-15 with military training rounds, before they get “kitted up” and start their mission.

The Navy SEAL Adventure is two hours long, and is only available three times a week.  Additionally, Sealed Mindset is offering a limited run of the adventure, and it will discontinue it after Sept. 30.

And if pretending to be sent off to Pakistan to hunt down one of the world’s biggest terrorists isn’t what you’re looking for, Sealed Mindset also offers “Spy Date,” a romantic night of espionage.


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