“Governor Mitt Romney made a bold and reform-minded selection in Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. This election has to be about who is going to look out for the next generation. America needs a comeback team to turn around the economy and to turn around the fiscal status of our country. Romney and Ryan have the ideas and the experience needed to take on these core issues. ”

–Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.


“He’s an articulate, good looking guy. He’d talk like a moderate in Wisconsin, but it wasn’t until his last budget that people saw how extreme his views are … From day one, he’s been a national politician and not a local one. He’s focused on national issues far more than state or local ones.”

–Peter Barca, Wisconsin Assembly Democratic minority leader, who in 1993-1994 represented the same congressional district Ryan represents now.


“Nobody understands the federal budget better than Paul, or has worked harder to develop and offer real solutions to the fiscal challenges facing America. Paul will be a tremendous asset to Governor Romney in crafting policy and helping get legislation passed through Congress. I will look forward to working with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to repeal Obamacare and instill fiscal discipline in Washington so that we can restore real, self-sustaining private sector growth to America.”

–U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.


“Paul Ryan is a great guy to talk to and we don’t doubt he’s as serious a Packers fan as anyone. He’s somebody who’s a pretty face and cordial but that masks who he is and what he stands for.”

–Mike Tate, chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party.


“As Wisconsinites, we are blessed to have our native son, Congressman Paul Ryan at the top of the ticket for the November election. His bold vision for the future of our country and mastery of fiscal policy is just the shot in the arm that we need to continue the victorious right-turn for Wisconsin and bring jobs and economic growth back to our nation.”

–Brad Courtney, chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party.


“Now that Paul Ryan’s personal ambition has clearly trumped his interest in the 1st District, I have no doubt he’ll find himself out of a job come November. Once Wisconsinites and voters across our country learn the truth about Ryan’s radical plot to end Medicare as we know it, de-fund women’s health care, and preserve tax breaks for millionaires, they’ll vote against him not just once, but twice.”

–Democrat Rob Zerban, a Kenosha County supervisor running for Ryan’s congressional seat.


I couldn’t be happier to know that Paul Ryan is going to be on the ticket to help turn around America and help Mitt Romney get elected and to be able to make sure that Wisconsin continues to be the innovating state in America.”

–Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, who is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s primary.


“Paul Ryan is a smooth politician, but beneath the optimistic rhetoric, genial demeanor, and wonky reputation, the substance of his budget proposals would have devastating consequences for the freedom to have a fair shot at the American dream and establish a secure life for our families.”

–Robert Kraig, executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.


“I couldn’t be more happy with Gov. Romney’s decision to pick Paul Ryan as his running mate. His decision will help to elevate the political discourse over the next three months to the big issues: America’s debt, our struggling economy, and the choice we face as to whether or not we want to continue to be a nation that rewards free enterprise and innovation or a cradle-to-the-grave welfare state.”

–Jeff Fitzgerald, Wisconsin Assembly speaker and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.


“Paul and I went to Congress together in 1998; I consider him a friend. We have always managed to disagree without being disagreeable. We have both dedicated our lives to public service, but I am committed to building a much different road to the future. I believe that the wealthy needs to pay their fair share and that the middle class needs to get a fair shot at the American dream.”

–U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.


“Congratulations Paul Ryan for being picked as Mitt Romney’s VP. We will take back the White House and the Senate in November.”

–Eric Hovde, Madison businessman and GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.


“It’s terrific for Janesville and Rock County, and it’s a big deal for our state. I’ve known Paul Ryan for a long time. He’s a serious guy. I think the American people need more serious people in Washington and fewer bomb-throwers.”

–Wisconsin state Sen. Tim Cullen, D-Janesville.


“Governor Romney is committed to getting our country back on track, and the Romney-Ryan team will offer the leadership this country has been craving. Paul is an individual of unquestionable character, and his vision and leadership will be tremendous assets to the ticket, and ultimately, for America.”

–U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis.

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