WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Employees in Washington are more likely to use profanity in the workplace than any other city in the nation.

62 percent of workers in the Districts say they’ve dropped a four-letter word or two (or three) in the office according to a survey conducted by Career Builder.

Following closely behind was Denver, where 60 percent of employees have potty mouths. Chicago came in third with 58 percent making regular deposits in the swear jar.

The remainder of the top ten:

  • Los Angeles – 56 percent
  • Boston – 56 percent
  • Atlanta – 54 percent
  • Minneapolis – 50 percent
  • Phoenix – 47 percent
  • New York – 46 percent
  • Philadelphia – 44 percent

So what is the big deal about swearing?

81 percent of respondents in the survey said cursing in the office brings an employee’s professionalism into question.

Meanwhile, 57 percent said they’d be less likely to promote someone who routinely swears in the office.

Along national gender lines, 54 percent of men admitted to swearing compared to 47 percent of women.


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